Ellington Tree 1 (2017)


Image of Ellington Tree 1 (2017)

450 x 600 mm Conté on Stonehenge paper.

An oasis nestled within the bustle of Ramsgate town life, Ellington Park is a regular haunt for a stroll and a little dog socialising. Jasper and I visit there most days.

Trees hold a particular fascination, and this park's oldest residents are no exception. Each has its unique character and mood, sculpted by the varying sunlight throughout the year.

I walk past these trees often, yet only now and then does the light capture them, and my imagination, just right.

This is the first in a planed series of dramatic portraits of my favourite trees in Ellington Park.

This item is available UNFRAMED. Purchase an optional MEDIUM FRAME add-on to complete the artwork.


Image of Ellington Tree 1 (2017)